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Port of Big Creek in Big Creek

Port of Big Creek
GPS for the 2nd RED Starboard hand marker for the entrance to Big Creek
16° 28.974 N - 088° 22.682W

The port of Big Creek is an official port of entry.  It is located just west of Placencia, or 80 miles south of Belize City.  It is about a three hour drive from Belize City.  Only a handful of people reside in Big Creek itself.

Big Creek is a sheltered, deep draft port of 6.5 meters and has berthing for a number of large vessels.  It is used primarily by tankers taking out crude oil, cargo vessels and barges in the banana and citrus industry.   It is Belize’s most desolate port.  There is absolutely nothing else located at the port of Big Creek except for the port itself, offices for BAHA (Belize Agriculture Health Authority) immigration, customs and port authority.  No hotel, no stores, no bars, no community, only a handful of persons living here. 

The nearest village is in Independence/Mango Creek which is about a 15 minute drive and in Independence you can find small stores, small hotels and bars.

Big Creek has Customs, Immigration, Belize Port Authority and the Quarantine official for BAHA (Belize Agriculture and Health Authority) department.  The offices of all four departments are located just outside the gate of the Big Creek Port compound.  There is no Health official available.  You will find the officials here very helpful. --

 If you are anchored in general region where most yachts anchor at the southern tip of Placencia a heading of 207°T will need to be taken to reach the 2nd RED starboard hand marker marking the Big Creek channel.  Please note that this marker is NOT the first market of the channel, but you will find between 20 to 25 feet of water all the way to the mark.

This info comes of Terry Coombes, Captain of MINE GAMES (draft 8½ feet).  February, 2011.

The nearest airport to Big Creek is the Big Creek airstrip located just outside the security gate for the port itself, BUT the aircrafts DO NOT normally land there as it is a gravel airstrip.  Therefore the next nearest airport is that of the PRIVATE Savannah Airstrip (16 33N - 088 27W)  located about 15 minutes by ground transfer.  We do have access to this airstrip.

Big Creek is the port where we bunker the vessels. Bunkering

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